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Contact Centre

drias International is passionate about providing unparalleled customer service. Our inbound and outbound call centre expertise includes sales lead conversion, surveying, list updating, up-sell and customer retention services. Best-in-class telephony systems, call recording and monitoring capabilities, and our proprietary work-flow staffing matrix together deliver top of the line customer experience for our clients - from niche organizations to leading global brands.

Notification Services

drias International is capable of delivering comprehensive, rapid response notification services including onsite printing and delivery of notices in accordance with regulatory requirements, quality customer service via a dedicated incoming toll-free number and/or website self-services for each and every client.

Data Processing and Reporting

drias International pairs its data processing and reporting resources to support the diverse business activities of our partners. We can accept data electronically or in hard copy format, and deliver on-demand reporting.


drias International provides print and distribution mechanisms for a wide range of documents, such as customer statements, invoices, product and warranty certificates, customer letters, and enrollment forms. And our on-site production facilities afford us the ability to produce customized on-demand documents.

Billing and Payment Processing

drias International is a trusted PCI compliant partner - managing annual payments of more than $200 million on a variety of frequencies that can be billed and collected on any calendar day.